The Rules

A friend (male) made one of those “you women” comments the other day. “You women must get up at 3:14 in the morning to make rules for men – like, when men pay for something the cashier gives the change to the woman and men can’t wear socks with sandals.”

Well, my friend, first, we don’t get up at 3:14 – we haven’t been to bed yet. That’s because there is still another load of laundry to finish, the kids lunches need to be packed, and the two dozen chocolate chip cookies for cub scouts are still in the oven. So, now that the TV is turned off and we can think in peace and quiet, we realize that you’ve started wearing socks with your sandals and you look like a dork. What happened to the days when you were trying to impress me? Yes, I know, they are in the same drawer as my sexy lingerie.

So – my solution is this: if you do the f-ing laundry, I can get to bed earlier. Thus, no rules. Sounds good to me, but I suspect most men will just tolerate the rules…


Blogging 101: Why am I doing this?

I’ve wanted to write for as long as I can remember, but life kept getting in the way – I like living indoors. I could have made time, I just didn’t. Until now. And what I’m finding is that I have no idea whether my writing is any good. I’ve been writing technical stuff for years and everyone seems to understand what I write. So, I’ve got ‘clear’ down.

I’ve never been much for writing fiction. I prefer creative non-fiction – true stories. My dream is to write something like Thomas Friedman’s Hot, Flat, and Crowded. It doesn’t have to be on global warming; I like the broad research concept. I’m a long way from there, so I’m taking part in blogging 101 to get some feedback on my writing, some practice with the above concept, and create the discipline necessary to keeping moving forward.

I look forward to sharing with the group.