Moving into the New House

Today, I read that our greatest fear is success. That seemed counter-intuitive so I gave it some thought. I mean, who wouldn’t want the trappings (interesting word) of success, whatever that means to each of us. My conclusion is that I fear what I will have to give up for success. Will I have to let go of the people in my life now? Will I have to let go of things, activities? Maybe. Am I willing to go to any length? It’s scary. I have a perfectly good life right now but I know there is more. The pull is there; I just can’t identify what is pulling me or where I’m being pulled to.

Previous transitions have been hard but so worth it. And I had to give up people, things, and activities. I had to live in that desert for awhile until the sand got so hot it was walk on or die.  I guess the sand just isn’t too hot yet.

But, one thing I know – the new house is getting built and I’m packing up. I just don’t know my address yet.


What’s Next?

It’s the day after Memorial Day and we have all said thank you to our vets. Now what? Let’s not make this a three-day weekend and just go back to work. Granted, Memorial Day is a celebration of those who lost their life in service to our country. But everyday can and should be Veteran’s Day.

Many still suffer from mental illness that is a direct result of their service. Often, these vets self-medicate with drugs and alcohol resulting in lost jobs, ruined families, and homelessness – for the vets and their families. It’s easy to hit Share when a cool post comes along. So, let’s put those Thanks into action. There are several organizations in Toledo that offer help to veterans. Personally, I volunteer for Adams House. Their contract with the VA provides recovery to veterans in addition to others with drug and alcohol issues. There are also 1 Matters (, any homeless shelter, and the VA. Add any others you know about. Can you offer an hour a month to help a vet get in contact with the help they need, take him or her to a doctor’s appointment, or just talk – especially if you are a veteran? You understand as few others can.

If each of us provides just one drop in the bucket, it will overflow in no time.

Unlock My Mind

Today is the first day of Writing 101 and I’m so excited. But, I’m always excited at the beginning. Then the procrastination kicks in. Or I get busy with work. Because this is for ME, it gets relegated to the bottom of the list. Gee, I bet I can change that. Just put it at the top of the list no matter what. I’ve done that with other things that I really want to accomplish. So, you are my witnesses. Writing 101 is a priority.

To be honest, I’m really an editor. I prefer editing others’ work. But there is so much more writing work out there. So, I’ve become a writer  because I like living indoors. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but I’ve been waiting for the big revelation. Which hasn’t happened. So, I thought I wasn’t a very good writer. Aren’t I supposed to be single minded, writing rather than eating (I wish). That hasn’t happened yet and the more I read about the process from published writers, the more I realize that I don’t have a clue about what it takes to become a writer. Most say they force themselves to sit with pen and paper (or computer) for a certain period each day. That writing daily is mandatory. That I will have shitty first drafts (to quote Anne Lamont). That’s good and bad. The good part is that maybe I can become a writer. The bad part is that it looks like a lot of work.

I’m running out of steam here and still have over 8 minutes to go. I could cheat and just quit, go about my business – I have plenty to do. But, I said this is a priority. Today might be a good day to look into taking a class at a nearby university. I retired from a sister university so I get free tuition and they are offering a class called “Persuasive Writing” this summer. It’s about doing research, formulating an argument, then writing. That seems perfect for me since I want to write creative non-fiction. I don’t necessarily want to change anyone’s mind, but the research and organization of thought would be beneficial.

But, then a friend calls with a computer problem. I worked in IT in my former life so off I go to help her.