Moving into the New House

Today, I read that our greatest fear is success. That seemed counter-intuitive so I gave it some thought. I mean, who wouldn’t want the trappings (interesting word) of success, whatever that means to each of us. My conclusion is that I fear what I will have to give up for success. Will I have to let go of the people in my life now? Will I have to let go of things, activities? Maybe. Am I willing to go to any length? It’s scary. I have a perfectly good life right now but I know there is more. The pull is there; I just can’t identify what is pulling me or where I’m being pulled to.

Previous transitions have been hard but so worth it. And I had to give up people, things, and activities. I had to live in that desert for awhile until the sand got so hot it was walk on or die.  I guess the sand just isn’t too hot yet.

But, one thing I know – the new house is getting built and I’m packing up. I just don’t know my address yet.


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