Unlock My Mind

Today is the first day of Writing 101 and I’m so excited. But, I’m always excited at the beginning. Then the procrastination kicks in. Or I get busy with work. Because this is for ME, it gets relegated to the bottom of the list. Gee, I bet I can change that. Just put it at the top of the list no matter what. I’ve done that with other things that I really want to accomplish. So, you are my witnesses. Writing 101 is a priority.

To be honest, I’m really an editor. I prefer editing others’ work. But there is so much more writing work out there. So, I’ve become a writer  because I like living indoors. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but I’ve been waiting for the big revelation. Which hasn’t happened. So, I thought I wasn’t a very good writer. Aren’t I supposed to be single minded, writing rather than eating (I wish). That hasn’t happened yet and the more I read about the process from published writers, the more I realize that I don’t have a clue about what it takes to become a writer. Most say they force themselves to sit with pen and paper (or computer) for a certain period each day. That writing daily is mandatory. That I will have shitty first drafts (to quote Anne Lamont). That’s good and bad. The good part is that maybe I can become a writer. The bad part is that it looks like a lot of work.

I’m running out of steam here and still have over 8 minutes to go. I could cheat and just quit, go about my business – I have plenty to do. But, I said this is a priority. Today might be a good day to look into taking a class at a nearby university. I retired from a sister university so I get free tuition and they are offering a class called “Persuasive Writing” this summer. It’s about doing research, formulating an argument, then writing. That seems perfect for me since I want to write creative non-fiction. I don’t necessarily want to change anyone’s mind, but the research and organization of thought would be beneficial.

But, then a friend calls with a computer problem. I worked in IT in my former life so off I go to help her.


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