2014/04/15 – There’s Holiness in the Air Today

That line stopped me dead in my tracks. We get so immersed in our day that we don’t notice most of what goes on around us. I like to operate in a straight line. Isn’t that the most efficient way? But my life meanders. So, when I stopped to think about the holiness surrounding me, I began a winding journey. While searching my bookcase for something else, I found Louise Hay’s book, “You can Heal Your Life.” That put me back on the affirmation path and my first two affirmations had to do with my weight. I’m 61 years old and no longer a size 10 and nothing seems to change that. A week or so after repeating the affirmations daily, my husband made an appointment for me with a personal trainer.

So, today was the big day. I listened closely because this guy knows what he is doing. He is a REAL trainer, not the 16 year old kid at the gym. I signed up for the nutrition program which gives me one free training session, use of his gym, a month’s worth of vitamins, and a heart monitor for one fee. No monthly gym fees and he will check me every 5 weeks to see how I am progressing – forever. I’m supposed to eat every 2 hours for the first 2 weeks. The plan looks like a lot of food, but we will see. I’m excited but scared. I’ve tried so many things and every year there’s a few more pounds. Will this work?


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